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About Us

About Us

We are a Canadian brand pioneering sustainable & compostable packaging in the country.

We're passionate about preserving our planet and elevating your dining experience through eco-conscious alternatives.

Our Story

Our journey started with a deep-rooted commitment to making a positive impact on the environment while celebrating the beauty of nature. As avid believers in the power of sustainable choices, we set out to create palm leaf dinnerware that not only impresses but also reduces the ecological footprint.

Nature Inspired - Palm leaf dinnerware

At Greenovation - Eco dinnerware, Our disposable dinnerware products are made from naturally fallen leaves of the areca palm tree in Southern India. No trees are ever harvested in the entire process.

The areca palm tree has been an integral part of our cultural heritage for centuries. Its leaves are nature's gift to us, and we believe in harnessing their beauty to craft eco-conscious alternatives. 

Our products aren’t just inspired by nature, they’re made by nature.

Social Responsibility

We have partnered with the manufacturer who holds the same values as us and aims for the best sustainable business practices.

Through small local production clusters, we have created employment for over 500 female employees in rural areas of Southern India.

Certified to SA8000, the world’s leading social accountability standards helps us sustain and secure that our manufacturing partner’s factories live up to the principles of international human rights norms. Meaning fair working hours, fair wage, no child or forced labor, no discrimination or disciplinary practices and safe workplace.

A Greener Future

Join us in this journey towards a sustainable and responsible future. Explore the beauty and eco-friendliness of our palm leaf packaging and be a part of the change. By choosing Greenovation - Eco dinnerware, you are choosing to embrace nature, elegance, and a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you for choosing us as your sustainable partner. Together, we're reshaping the world, one palm leaf at a time.

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